Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth is the Desire of Nations of the Third Testament, also known as the New Testament.

Jesus, which means “God saves“, attained the status of Desire of Nations at a trial held by the Roman occupiers of Palestine. Jesus was charged with trying to subvert Roman rule in Palestine by his claim to be “King of the Jews” by virtue of the fact he was of the hereditary line of King David of Israel and had become a Messiah following 40 days of fasting in the Judaean Desert where he was tempted by Satan but instead obtained total connection with the God Head.

The jury in Jesus’s trial, which was held during the period of Passover, was asked whether he as the “Messiah” should be freed, or whether someone with the same first name as him, but whose surname was Barabbas should be freed instead. The jury proclaimed, “The Messiah!”, thus acknowledging Jesus’s divinity. When asked what sentence Jesus should be given, the jury directed crucifixion, thus subjecting him to a further time of trial.

During his crucifixion, Jesus met all the other criteria to be a Desire of Nations. Not a bone on his body was broken during the process. His enemies, including those that were part of the jury, were below his feet. The cross he was held to contained an inspection that he was “King of the Jews”. Therefore as a result of the Roman legal system, those who were present at Jesus’s trial accepted he was Messiah, Son and King and thus a Desire of Nations.

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