Freemasons. The Freemasons are an association of people who believe they have a piece of wisdom that not even King Solomon of Israel had.

That piece of wisdom is:

  • On wedding night it is not the size of your pockets that counts, it is love, even though sometimes love is never enough.

The theory behind this piece of wisdom is that when the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon from Ethiopia, her interest was in gaining access to his wisdom, whereas he was boasting about his possessions. When King Solomon asked the Queen of Sheba to stay an extra night he put more of the herbs in her food and got her to agree she could stay on the basis he would take nothing of more hers and she would take nothing more of his. He placed a glass of wine by her bed and when she coughed and drank the wine because of the herbs he convinced her to have sex with him. The Queen of Sheba left for Ethiopia the next day, carrying Solomon’s unborn heir, and he was left heart broken for the rest of his life. His writing of the book of Ecclesiastes where he claims life is futile is cited as proof he lacked the wisdom all Freemasons claim to have.

Freemasons join lodges and pay a fee in-keeping with the size of their pocket – the more money they have then the more they pay. The aim of the Freemasons is to accelerate members through the establishment by teaching them the ritual required to receive the honours they receive from for instance the British Monarchy. In exchange Freemasons are required to signal in photographs, video and similar recorded media that they are Freemasons by placing their hand inside a jacket or similar garment they are wearing.

Not all Freemasons lodges are of equal standing. The lodge of the British Royal Family for instance, called the Mulberry Lodge 9834, has members of the highest standing, who are part of the Illuminati, or in other words, those Freemasons in positions of significant influence.

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