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Jonathan Bishop

Bishop, Jonathan. Jonathan Bishop is a digital and performing arts professional. He was trained at the Marilyn Stewart School of Speech and Dramatic Arts, Cardiff School of Art and Design, and Broadway Studios.

Jonathan Bishop is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of both the Musicians Union and Equity. He holds a National Diploma in Design, a HND in Multimedia and a joint honours BSc(Hons) in Media Studies and Multimedia Computing.

Dzon Bishop

Bishop, Dzon. Dzon Bishop writes for The Crocels Press Limited under its Longbow Multimedia imprint.

Dzon Bishop’s works include:

  • 2880 AD: The Fourth Testament
  • Llandaff University: Unseen Shadows in an ancient metropolitan borough
  • Vanishing Trail: The Taking of Stephen Kosa
  • Adventures at the Mabby Pub

Dzon Bishop lives in the village of Efail Isaf, which is located within the Garth View locality of Taff Ely.

Maurice Kirk

Kirk, Maurice. Maurice Kirk was born on the 12th March 1945 in Taunton, Somerset, West of England. Maurice’s father, Denis (1912-2007) was a hard working country vet, his mother Violet, was the daughter of a well known industrial chemist and inventor in the confectionery business. Their immediate family consisted of five boys and one girl: Michael, Christopher, Maurice, Rupert and twins, Timothy and Celia. Denis’ brother Maurice was an Officer in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps when he died in Northern France a few days before Maurice’s birth; Denis and Violet subsequently named their third son in honour of him.

Maurice’s interests as a boy were hunting, shooting and fishing and later as a young man, mountaineering, rugger, old vintage cars and seeing the world.

In 1963 he began a veterinary career studying veterinary medicine at Bristol University, during which time, he also became a climbing instructor in North Wales, hitch hiked 8000 miles around North America and paddled the English Channel in a home made canoe after swimming the ‘Iron Curtain’ at the height of the Cold War. He hitched, jumped trains or hid in the back of trucks to get across Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand. He was also commissioned into the Royal Air Force Reserve, making him eligible for not just one final year reunion, each year, but three! Needless to say he had problems with his University exams.

Veterinary medicine was a passion inspired by his father with a close second being the ‘breaking of the bonds of earth’, flying anything from hangliders, microlites to old canvas or ‘spam can’ aircraft. By this he obtained further qualifications and experience, first with a commercial licence and second, seven broken or severely damaged joint injuries, all now coming home to haunt him.

Maurice Kirk is known as the Flying Vet. Courtesy: Flying Vet.

FLYING VET: Maurice Kirk is known as the Flying Vet. Courtesy: Maurice Kirk.

Maurice Kirk first married in 1970, the first to parachute to his own wedding, to Janet who later bore him Caspar, Belinda and Alex but married again in 1998 to Kirstie a veterinary surgeon, who bore his second daughter, Genevieve. At one time, Maurice found himself at an aviation gathering next door to Prince Charles’ Gloucestershire residence!

Maurice Kirk is currently trying to fly around the world in his 1943 WW2 Piper Cub, believed to have been flown by General Patten after the 6th June 1944 D-Day landings. This somewhat risky adventure began when an American read Maurice’s old web site in 2001 and laughed so much he donated £25,000 for him to enter the 2001 London to Sydney Air Race.

Maurice Kirk is now based in Llantwit Major in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Jonathan Bishop (Archived Wikipedia Biography)

Bishop, Jonathan. Jonathan Bishop is a British information technology executive and researcher based in Pontypridd in Wales. A Chartered IT Professional, he is known for his work in designing, developing and researching e-learning systems and virtual communities and using new media technology, such as weblogs and websites to engage citizens in political and community activities.


A graduate of Cardiff School of Art & Design (1998) Bishop established early presence in online communities, through his employment at Trefforest-based Broadway Studios, where he was managed by professional photographer Steve Powderhill when he developed the Circle of Friends technique for social networking during 1999, applying it to websites that preceded the existence of Friendster. Bishop went on to gain undergraduate degrees in Multimedia in 2000 and 2002 at the Glamorgan School of Computing in Pontypridd, where his dissertations were directly linked to his work experience in Internet-based communities.

Around 2002, Bishop diversified into electronic learning, developing the PARLE e-learning system, a piece of assistive technology for people with forms of autism like Asperger Syndrome, which enables them to take part in social situations that they usually find difficult or confusing. PARLE has been recognized as an innovative and useful system; it was a finalist for the New Statesman New Media Awards in 2004, and has been discussed in courses such as the Autism Theory and Technology course at MIT.

While at Broadway Studios in 2003 Bishop developed a number of e-learning systems and online communities, which resulted in new methodologies for designing such systems being presented by him to the International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications. After gaining an MSc in E-Learning from the Glamorgan School of Computing in 2004, Bishop went on to study LLM in European Union Law from the Glamorgan Law School which he graduated from in 2007 after completing a dissertation on e-learning law in the EU. In 2006 Bishop co-founded e-learning firm, Glamorgan Blended Learning, a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales (no. 06328406), where a number of his technologies are now being used for the benefit of people in the South Wales Central region.

Civic Activities

In 2003 Bishop was elected to Llantwit Fardre community council for the Labour party. In 2004 he was a finalist in the New Statesman New Media Awards along for using his website and weblog to communicate with the electorate.. In 2008 Bishop was was elected to Pontypridd Town Council, and currently represents Treforest as a Labour and Co-operative Party town councillor.

Media Relations

Bishop has a regular column in the Pontypridd & Llantrisant Observer. He has been quoted in his capacity as an information technology researcher and elected representative in national newspapers and magazines in the Wales and the UK such as the The Western Mail and New Statesman, as well as national and regional newspapers in the United States and China, such as the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and Beijing Review.


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