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Trolls and Bullies

Shortly after the death of Batley and Spen’s MP, Jo Cox, I wrote an article noting female colleagues in the Houses of Parliament are suffering online threats, many of which are deeply offensive with sexual undertones. I observed there is a particular kind of person that hates women in authority; this prejudice is not confined to men.

Misogynistic online bullying is not, of course, confined to Members of Parliament. Many women in the public eye, from historian Mary Beard to Caroline Criado Perez, who campaigned for Jane Austen to be on a banknote, to school children have been affected. Bullying of any kind, whether online or offline, is absolutely unacceptable and I completely agree with the Minister for Women and Equalities that there is absolutely no place for misogyny or trolling in our society.

I welcome therefore that the Government has set up the Stop Online Abuse website that offers practical advice, with a focus on LGB&T people, including on social media. This excellent new resource also gives information on how to complain about sexism and bullying on websites, social media sites and in the press and advertising.

It is also important to educate young people against this sort of bullying in the first place, to ensure they are robust and resilient if they come across unwanted images or cyberbullying. A range of websites help children and their parents discuss these issues, and the Government has invested £3.85 million in a second phase of the ‘This is Abuse’ campaign called Disrespect Nobody, which challenges young people to rethink their views on abuse and consent in relationships.

What is illegal offline is illegal online. I welcome recent developments, such as a Twitter director saying he thought the company was doing better on dealing with trolls, but I was glad that the site also recognises more must be done.

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Eric Pickles is a British Conservative Party politician and Member of Parliament for Brentwood and Ongar.

Mega Troll

Mega Troll, n. A Mega Troll is an Internet troller who provokes others and is fully aware of the consequences of what they are doing, and enjoy the attention whether it is good or bad.

Mega Trolls are not only comfortable with trolling, but also being trolled. Mega Trolls can take any abuse thrown their way and it have no effect on them. They are the trolling equivalent of a ‘Political Animal,’ which is a politician who can take the pressures of being in the public eye and be subject to unfavourable as well as favourable evaluation on an ongoing basis.

The video above is an interview between Jonathan Bishop and BBC 5 Live presenter Nicky Campbell. Towards the end of the interview Jonathan Bishop attempts to explain the concept of being a Mega Troll. Using the example of Caroline Criado-Perez he says how those who put themselves in the public eye should enjoy any of the abuse they get, even references to “rape”, because it is a sign that people care about their opinion enough to troll them.


Pile-on, n. A pile-on is the word that refers to the act of sharing a message with one’s friends or followers in order to encourage them to troll the sender of the message.

A Twitter pile-on is where someone re-tweets a message knowing that their followers will tweet messages of abuse towards that person. In the video below, trolling expert Jonathan Bishop speaks about how he enjoys being the target of a pile-on, such as with Ricky Gervais’s followers and Twitter, and discusses how if Caroline-Criado Perez had seen the people who posted rape-threats at her as if they were part of a pile-on, then she could have enjoyed the attention rather than be harmed by the abuse.

Caroline Criado-Perez

Criado-Perez, Caroline. Caroline Criado-Perez campaigned for women to feature on banknotes on the BBC World News Panel Discussion programme, as can be seen in the video below.

Following this broadcast Caroline Criado-Perez was subject to about 50 abusive tweets an hour for about 12 hours in a row from what are technically called ‘Rape-callout chatroom bobs‘. Caroline Criado-Perez reported the abuse on Twitter to the police, many comments of which made rape threats. She made a statement on Twitter saying she had “many more threats to report.” A 21-year-old man from Manchester was arrested.

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For news on Caroline Criado-Perez, you can follow her feed on Crocels News. More information is also available from this website by following this link.