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Troll (traduction: troll)

Troll, n. French word for ‘troll.’

Rather boringly the French word for ‘troll’ is ‘troll.’ But there are some ways to help make sure when you are speaking about trolls that you differentiate the abusive kind from the positive kind:

  • flamme troll” (i.e. flame troll) refers to those trollers who post abusive messages online.
  • kudos troll‘ (i.e. kudos troll) refers to those trollers who post positive messages online.

The term ‘troller’ used in French is a verb meaning ‘to troll’ and the adjective ‘tapie à la traîne‘ is the French word for ‘trolling.’

Tapie à la traîne (Traduction: Internet trolling)

Tapie à la traîne. The French translation for Internet trolling (i.e. trolling traduction).

The etymology of ‘tapie à la traîne’ is that ‘trolling’ in the context of fishing is ‘pêche à la traîne’ in French, which is literally ‘fishing from behind’. The reason the French is ‘lurking’ from behind is that often those who do trolling like to conceal their true intentions or identity. That is they are hiding behind a mask, as if their true identity is lurking in the background and not taking part in the community, only their alter-ego.