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Tristan Barker

Barker, Tristan. Tristan Barker is an Australian Mega Troll, known for using Twitter and Facebook to troll celebrities  and victims of murders and other tragic circumstances.

His social media accounts have around 300,000 followers, who he  utilises as part of his trolling Crusade. “I would consider myself an entertainer,” he said to the Sunday Mail newspaper. “I see kids follow me and I think ‘how far can I rope this kid in and make them be a mockery,” he said about those followers.

Mega Troll

Mega Troll, n. A Mega Troll is an Internet troller who provokes others and is fully aware of the consequences of what they are doing, and enjoy the attention whether it is good or bad.

Mega Trolls are not only comfortable with trolling, but also being trolled. Mega Trolls can take any abuse thrown their way and it have no effect on them. They are the trolling equivalent of a ‘Political Animal,’ which is a politician who can take the pressures of being in the public eye and be subject to unfavourable as well as favourable evaluation on an ongoing basis.

The video above is an interview between Jonathan Bishop and BBC 5 Live presenter Nicky Campbell. Towards the end of the interview Jonathan Bishop attempts to explain the concept of being a Mega Troll. Using the example of Caroline Criado-Perez he says how those who put themselves in the public eye should enjoy any of the abuse they get, even references to “rape”, because it is a sign that people care about their opinion enough to troll them.

Jonathan Bishop

Bishop, Jonathan. Jonathan Bishop is an information technology executive, researcher and writer, with a special interest in Internet trolling. Bishop first published on Internet trolling in a presentation to The First International Conference on Faith, Spirituality and Social Change. He is recognised as the most published researcher in the world on Internet trolling and as the first academic to have an edited book published on Internet trolling – Examining the Concepts, Issues and Implications of Internet Trolling.

Jonathan Bishop is known to speak his mind on Internet trolling and is not afraid to say things that are unpopular if he believes them to be true. This may make him a professional Mega Troll, as he can take the good press and the bad press that comes from being outspoken on trolling.

Expert Witness Services

If you are looking for an expert witness on Internet trolling, Jonathan Bishop might be able to help. He has experience of bringing lawsuits for Internet trolling since 2006, and has had research on Internet trolling law published by leading journals, including the Statute Law Review, the International Review of Law, Computers and Technology as well as the International Journal of Cyber Criminology.

Jonathan Bishop has received training in expert witness from Bond Solon, who are the UK’s foremost expert witness training provider. Jonathan is particularly interested in trolling cases where free speech is being challenged, and is also able to give expert testimony as a jointly instructed expert witness. Why not get in touch with Jonathan Bishop LLM, FBCS CITP today? You can find Jonathan’s contact details on his website.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is a perpetual troll caller and Mega Troll. Gervais regularly posts obviously inflammatory messages on Twitter that provoke people who are not Atheists in sending abusive comments back. He enjoys the attention, whether good or bad, as do all Mega Trolls.

Ricky Gervais makes it very clear he is an Atheist, and to some he actually enjoys the attention that comes from those who abusive. Many have called him a ‘Cry Troll’ because he encourages people to abuse him and then complains when they do. Others have called Ricky Gervais a ‘Poe Troll’ because he adopts an extreme point of view, which they claim Gervais knows will result in him being trolled back.

Sean Duffy

Sean Duffy of Yew Tree Lodge care home in Redlands Road, Reading, who first started flame trolling in his 20s, is one of the most prolific flame trollers on the Internet. He targets his victims, the family members of teenagers who have died, by posting offensive pictures and videos on their memorial pages, making him a ‘RIP Troller’. Duffy has been sentenced to 13-week prison terms a number of times under the Malicious Communications Act 1988, but this has not stopped him flame trolling his many victim.