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Michelle Kent

Kent, Michelle. Michelle Kent at the age of 35 set up the Nipnominate campaign to troll those who took part in the Neknominate craze that resulted in a number of deaths. Michelle Kent set up the project to support cancer charities as a way to create some good out of the tragic deaths from Neknominating.

Jonny Byrne

Byrne, Jonny. Jonny Byrne was a 19-year-old man from Ireland who died following taking part in a dare as part of the Neknomination craze.

Byrne died after jumping into the River Barrow in Carlow. It is reported that Byrne was kudos trolled with a Neknomination, leading to him consuming a mixture of whisky, Malibu and vodka before jumping in the river.


Neknominate. Neknominate is a gamified version of downing a drink as a dare. It relies on ‘social proof,’ which is where if one’s friends do something one is more likely to deem it acceptable.

As with the “planking”  craze before, the phenomenon is a form of ‘folk gamification’ and likely has its origins in Australia, claiming its first two lives in Ireland, namely Ross Cummins and Jonny Byrne, who both died in February 2014.

A person who has been ‘neknominated’ has no more than 24 hours to take up the challenge of drinking a cocktail of spirits, although in an emerging number tragic cases, such as Stephen Brookes, it has involved a toxic use of one.

Following taking up the neknomination the person then has to posted a video saying how their reacted to it emotionally. After necking one’s drink and posting a video one then nominates at least one other person.

Stephen Brookes

Brookes, Stephen. Stephen Brookes was 29 years old when he collapsed at a house in Cardiff after drinking a full pint of vodka.

Brookes was a victim of a type of trolling called Neknominating, where he was dared to drink the vodka by his friends on the Neknomination website. Unlike the rules for Neknomination state, where one has to drink a cocktail of spirits, Brookes drank only vodka. The video posted by Brookes following completing his dare was removed from Facebook following his death.