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Mario Balotelli

Balotelli, Mario. Mario Balotelli is an Italian football star, who is regularly trolled online.

On one occasion, aced a barrage of racist abuse on Twitter after mocking the defeat of Manchester United, who lost 5-3 to Leicester City. Mario Balotelli posted on Twitter the comment, “Manchester utd… LOL” prior to the racist abuse. Most of Balotelli’s followers condemned the trolls for their racism.

Mario Balotelli is regularly trolled online, which might lead to the question as whether he was doing anything different to those who follow him on Twitter.

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Deborah Armstrong

Armstrong, Deborah. Deborah Armstrong, who was 37 at the time of her trolling offence, was fined £110 by Manchester Magistrates’ Court for naming the identity of the person who accused Michael Le Vell of a sexual offence.

Michael Le Vell was acquitted, but Deborah Armstrong wrote on her Twitter account: “I hope Michael Le Vell’s victim…now goes public”

Emma Way

Way, Emma. Emma Way, was 22 at the time she was convicted for a driving offence.

Emma Way, tweeted about “bloody cyclists” after what has been described as a hit-and-run accident,

Emma Way was caught when snooping police officers saw her posts, which included one saying about the accident that it was “the biggest regret of my (her) life”.

Tom Daley

Tom Daley, who was 18 at the time, was cricised in parts of the media for posting an offensive message on Twitter following a critique of his performace at diving in the London Olympics.

Daley, who narrowly missed a medal, responded to the unnamed 17-year-old’s critical tweet, “After giving it my all…you get idiots sending me this.”

The 17-year-old was later arrested by Dorset police under the Malicious Communications Act. Adrian Goldberg is a popular radio presenter on BBC WM,  “Is too harsh to  have a visit from the coppers just for expressing your opinion online?“, he said, “Shouldn’t we all have our right to free speech?

Adrian Goldberg interviewed Trolling Academy founder about the incident on BBC WM.